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Then, the gigantic iceberg broke, the waves taking us for a ride. When the piece of ice slowed down,

"Okay, you're gone from weird to freakish, Katara."

"I did that?!" 

"Yep." Sokka and I said.

"Congrats." He said, sarcastically. 

Then a  bright blue light shone from the water, then a huge iceberg surfaced. Inside, was a boy with arrow tattoos and a animal that I never saw before. The boys eyes then opened and Katara said,

"He's still alive we have to help him!" She grabbed his club, and hopped over to him. 

"Katara we don't know what the heck that is!"

"Sokka we should a least try..." I said. Katara started to strike the large iceberg, eventually a large burst of air blew us back. The iceberg broke and a blue light shout straight into the sky.

~~~Zuko's POV~~~

I was standing on my ship, until a bright blue burst of light shot into the sky. I knew what it meant, the avatar is back. I could finally bring him back to the fire nation and restore my honor.

"Uncle, do you realize what that light means?" 

"That I don't get to finish my game?"

"No, that my search for the avatar is over."

~~~(Name)'s POV~~~

Once the wind settled, the boy crawled out of the remains of the iceberg, and fell down with Katara catching him. Sokka started to poke him with his spear.

"Would you cut it out?!" I yelled. The boy seemed to be a little groggy, but then asked Katara,

"Will you like to go penguin sledding with me?" Then I heard a growl from the iceberg. The boy then flew over the ice wall. Katara, Sokka, and I, ran around to see this weird beast.

"Aww~! He looks so cute!" I said, earning a strange look from Sokka.

"This my flying bison, Appa." The boy said as I came over to pet it. Sokka then sarcastically replied,

"This is Katara and (Name), my flying sisters." (A/N: Yes, Sokka thinks of you as a sister!)

Appa, then sneezed and his snot shot right onto Sokka, making him rush to clean it off in disgust. 

"What's the matter, warrior? Can't handle a little bison snot?" I said. The boy asked if we lived around this area. I was about to reply with a 'Yes.' when Sokka said,

"Don't answer! That crazy bolt of light could have been a signal to the Fire Nation army!"

Katara said,

"Oh of course, he's definitely a spy for the Fire Nation," 

"You can obviously tell by that menacing look in his eyes." I added.

"And the overly paranoid guy is our brother, Sokka." I said. The boy sneezed and he flew sky-high, once he came back to the ground, he introduced himself,

"I'm Aang." 

Sokka said,

"You just flew 10 feet in the air when you sneezed!" 

"You're an airbender!" Katara and I shouted.

"Giant light beams, flying bison, airbenders, I think I've got midnight sun madness. I'm going home." Sokka started to walk off, but then realized that we were in the middle of the ocean, with no boat to return home in.

"Would you guys like for me to give you a ride?" Aang offered. Katara and I gladly accepted and got on the flying animal. Sokka objected.

"Are you hoping some other kind of monster will come and give you a ride home?" Katara said.

"Before you most likely freeze to death." I said. Sokka was about to say something else, most likely a comeback, but came up with nothing. Katara and I exchanged glances, happy that Sokka finally has nothing to say. After everyone was settled on Appa, Aang said,

"Hold on tight!Appa,yip,yip!" Then the creature launched into the air! But...came back down and floated on top of the arctic waters.

"Wow...that was truly amazing..." Aang said that he was just tired, from being frozen in the ice and all. Aang kept smiling at Katara.

'Oh, someone has an admirer...Anyways back to the water tribe!'

~~~Time Skip! Next Morning!~~~

Katara and I went to wake Aang up so that he could meet the village, well the part of the village that was still here. Katara went over and shook Aang awake and told him to get ready, but I noticed the arrow tattoos on him, I think Katara did too. After he was dressed, we both dragged him out of his tent to meet everyone. Everyone looked hesitant towards him, and Gran Gran stepped forward.

"No one has seen an airbender in a century, people say that their extinct."


"What is this? A weapon? You can't stab anything with this!" Sokka said, as he snatched Aang's staff out of his hands.

"It's definitely not for stabbing, it's for airbending." All of a sudden, wing-like things flew out of it. The kids gasped and giggled in excitement, saying 'Magic!' and asking him to do it again. Aang explained what it does exactly, and explained that it helps him fly. Sokka of course said,

"Last time I checked, humans can't fly!" Aang then flew off into the sky, but crashed into a building, that building being Sokka's watch tower.

'I think that's gonna leave a mark...On him and the building...'

~~~Time Skip! Zuko's POV!~~~

"Again..." I was sparring with two of my soldiers, them against me. I shot fire at both of them, jumped and shot fire from my soles.

"No! Power in firebending comes from the breath, not from the muscle! The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and fire!" He shot fire stopping just before my face.

"Get it right this time." 

'I've been doing the same set all day, and I'm more than capable to do an advance set!'

"Enough, teach me the next set. I'm more than ready."

"You have yet to master the basics. Drill it again!" I shot fire at one of the soldiers sparring with me out of anger.

"The sage say that the Avatar is the last airbender, he has to be over a 100 years old, he had a 100 years to master all the elements. I need more than basic firebending to defeat him, you will teach me an advanced set!"

"Alright, but after I finish my roast duck." 

'Oh, boy...'

~~~(Name)'s POV!~~~

Katara and I were looking for Aang but on one's seen him. I saw Sokka near by and asked him,

"Sokka, have you seen Aang around?"

"Gran Gran said no one's seen him in over an hour." Katara said. Speak of the devil, Aang walked out of the bathroom.

"Katara, (Name), get that guy out of here, this lesson is for water tribe warriors only!" 

Sokka was definitely outraged. But the we saw Sokka's little 'warriors' sliding down Appa's tail into a pile of snow, having fun. Sokka, being a buzzkill stopped them and complained about 'no time for fun games with the war going on'. Aang looked confused.

'Has he been in that ice for a long time?' I was about to ask him, but he yelled,

"Penguin!" And ran off to chase it.

~~~Time Skip!~~~

After sometime of Katara and Aang being gone, I saw some fireball off in the distance. 

'It's probably nothing...' And I went back to doing my half of the chores.

~~~Zuko's POV~~~

I was looking through my telescope when I saw a fireball shoot straight into the sky. I looked to where it came from and I saw the Avatar.

"Wake my uncle! And tell him, I found the Avatar...Along with his hiding place."
All Avatar:The Last Airbender Characters go to Nickelodeon, and whoever created them as well.
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