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August 14, 2013
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Once the elevator door opened, I saw a living room with multiple sliver hexagons connected together for a table, a long black couch with yellow and cream colored cushions, a side table with a lamp, and lastly, a white chair next to the couch.

'As if there wasn't enough seating space...' 

Then, a lime green dining room set, complete with a grand chandelier hanging above. The rest of the room decorated with sliver branches and such.

'It still looks amazing, I can only imagine what my room looks like...'

"So this is the living room...I know, I know! Your rooms on the otherhand..."

'Miss Smile just loves to talk...'

~~~Time Skip!~~~

I walked into my room, which was conveniently right in between Katniss' and Peeta's and saw a bed with a (f/c) bed frame, and a gray comforter, accompanied by (f/c) pillows. And I sat down thinking about home. (A/N: Your room is basically Katniss', but instead of the lime green it's your favorite color. In case you forgot what it looks like, here's a picture~!… )

'I almost forgot...'

I grabbed the remote that was on the bed and pressed a button, and the screen in front of me showed people just walking down the street. After going through many scenes, I finally saw my District's forest. After starting at for a long time, I went to bed.

'And we start training tomorrow...with the other tributes...what joy...'

~~~It's Morning My Darlings!~~~

As I looked around I saw a girl matching insects, two guys starting a fire, and two other guys sparring. Everyone seemed to be at peace until,

"Did you take my knife?!" The Creep from yesterday shouted. The argument went on, and Kat tapped my shoulder and tilted her head upwards. On two beams was a little girl holding the said knife in her hands.

'I like that girl...She's very clever. Anyways let the training begin, but I have to remember not to show my strengths and weaknesses, so I'll take it easy when everyone else is around.' 

~~~Time Skip!~~~

Everyone has been training for a while, and I looked over at Peeta and our eyes locked, then he fell of the rope he was climbing. I ran over to see if he was okay, with Kat following suit.

~~~Peeta's POV~~~

 I was climbing the rope fine until I saw (Name)'s beautiful (e/c) eyes, and my grip loosened and I fell to ground, hard. It wasn't long until I saw (Name) standing over me, with her eyes full of concern. 

"Are you okay?" She whispered. I nodded in response.

"Peeta, you see that over there? Throw it." Katniss whispered.

"But Haymitch said not to-"

"We know what Haymitch said, but everyone else is probably thinking that you're an easy target. Peeta, chuck it." (Name) said, and they both went back to what they were doing.

~~~(Name)'s POV~~~

I watched Peeta walk over the rack containing the metal balls that probably weigh more than three of the tributes. He grabbed one and started walking to the very center of the training room. The Creep was laughing with his buddies. The laughing ceased when Peeta threw the ball in his hands and it went flying and hit a rack of weapons.

'That should shut them up for a while...' 
This will most likely be the last thing I'm posting before my trip, seeing as I'm still packing..So yeah enjoy.

EDIT 9/11/13: I actually have the book, so if I find anything that happened in the book that I like better than what happened in the movie, I'll use it. Kay~? Okay.
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